Parent Matching – Connect with other families for sharing and support

Parent Matching Project

The National Birth Defect Registry can match families of children who have the same or similar birth defects. Children can be matched by a main category or by up to three conditions. Parents receive a list of up to ten matches for their child’s condition. The parent match list includes the name, age and birth defect(s) of each child along with the reporting parents’ name, address and phone number. If we do not have a match for a condition in the registry, we will refer you to another national matching program.

Parents Praise Matching Project

“I met my best friend through your parent matching project. No one understands what it is like to have a child with a serious heart defect like another mother whose child has the same thing.” LC

“I wondered if other veteran’s children were having repeated ear infections. Through your parent matching program, I found that the answer was ‘yes'”. BW

“When your child is born with a rare birth defect, you feel so alone. Through parent-matching, I was able to connect with other families and form a support network.” EM

Family cuddling.

Connect with other families of children who have the same or similar conditions for sharing and support

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