List of Structural Birth Defects

Results from our 2015 Registry report provides data on the most frequently reported birth defects.  Here we have listed the most common structural birth defects.

Some of the most frequent structural problems by order of case numbers are:

List of Structural Birth Defects Count
Gastroschisis 307
Malformed fingers, hands or arms 289
Cleft palate 257
Malformed toes, feet or legs 229
Undescended testicles 220
Clubfoot 213
Ventricular septal defect 190
Hydrocephalus 174
Facial asymmetry 173
Atrial septal defect 171
Low set ears 166
Absent or underdeveloped lung 164
Cleft lip 164
Absent or malformed ear(s) 162
Spina bifida 152
Cerebral palsy 138
Rib abnormality 131
 Tracheoesophageal fistula 131

Since October of 2015, parents have completed 3983 questionnaires with case reports for 4529 children (more than one child in a family can be reported on a questionnaire) in the on-­‐line National Birth Defect Registry. We have reports for 2372 males, 2144 females and 13 cases where the sex was not entered.

See our full report for details

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