Healthy Baby Resource

Birth Defect Prevention for Expecting Parents

This section provides tips for having a healthy baby and to help prevent the risk of birth defects.

Having a baby can be the most joyous event in any family’s life. Every parent wants their child to be healthy and to grow up strong and be successful in his or her life. For this to happen parents need to know how to create a healthy environment for their baby even before he or she is born. During the nine-months of pregnancy, important development occurs that can affect you baby for the rest of his/her life. That is why this is such a critical time to protect your unborn baby from harmful exposures. Learning the dangers inherent in our modern world can help you prevent many of them and increase the chance of having a healthy baby. Most of us know that eating properly, getting enough of the right vitamins like folic acid and avoiding tobacco and alcohol is a great start for having a healthy baby. But so much more can be done to protect your unborn child.

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