DES Effects Seen Extending to User’s Grandchildren

May 2018

The endocrine disrupting chemical diethylstilbestrol (DES), which has been banned in the U.S. since 1971, may be linked to increased odds of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in grandchildren of the women who used it, a large-scale cohort analysis suggests.

The odds of ADHD were 36% higher in grandchildren of women who had used DES during pregnancy compared to grandchildren of women who did not use it, reported Marianthi-Anna Kioumourtzoglou, ScD, of Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York and colleagues.
This association did not differ by the sex of the grandchildren and the odds of ADHD jumped to 63% if the grandmothers took DES during their first trimester, they reported in JAMA Pediatrics.

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Issue: 11 Volume: 9

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