Cosmetics industry crushes bill that would have made cosmetic products safer

April 2019

The $70-billion cosmetics industry prevailed over California consumers this week, succeeding in shelving a bill that would ban potentially toxic ingredients from makeup, hair products and other personal-care goods.

The state Assembly’s Environment, Safety and Toxic Materials Committee put off a scheduled vote on the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (AB 495) as it became clear to supporters they didn’t have enough votes to move the bill to the Assembly Health Committee, which was to take up the legislation on April 23.

The Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act now likely won’t resurface until next year.

Industry groups fiercely opposed the bill, arguing that there isn’t enough scientific evidence to merit banning certain chemicals, including asbestos and lead, from personal-care products. The California Chamber of Commerce branded the bill a “jobs killer.”

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Issue: 12 Vol: 8

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