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Birth Defect Attorney Listings


We have started a special section for parents who want legal advice regarding the cause of their child’s birth defects.  The highlighted states on the map below feature law firms with experience in birth defect litigation.  Clicking on a state will take you to the links of sponsoring law firms in that state.  (Some of these law firms handle cases on a nationwide basis.)

BDRC gratefully acknowledges the generous financial sponsorship by these attorneys who represent children with birth defects that may be linked to a drug or toxic exposure.

BDRC does not endorse any law firm or attorney. BDRC does not promote or encourage litigation, and we cannot guarantee any results from an engagement of an attorney. To find out more information about litigation, review our fact sheet Birth Defects and Litigation.

Attorneys or law firms that would like information about becoming a BDRC sponsor may reach us at

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